As Christians, it’s our responsibility to stay informed and understand how our views translate into not only our personal lives but also our culture and government. One of the most debated topics is gay marriage.

Gay marriage is now legal in every part in the United States. The society has embraced the LGBT in the last few decades. More and more individuals have had the courage to come out, and more of those gay marriage announcements are no longer a big issue.

When it comes to sexual life of gay couples after marriage, they are more likely to have fulfilling sex lives than straight couples. According to University of Toronto, gay couples are more willing to do everything to improve their sex lives and make their relationship become more passionate.

Honeymoon Phase

Is gay honeymoon real? Although there are a lot of misconceptions about this, but definitely, honeymoon for gay couple is real. Like the straight relationships, honeymoon phase for gay couples is when you first meet and you’re so passionately in love with each other and you are having sex multiple times per day. A year after marriage is when you settled into your long-term pattern. Once you get into a certain routine and other aspects of your life, the sex will follow suit.

How often do gay couples have sex?

What is a healthy amount of sex in a long-term gay relationship? The answer can vary depending on the couple. People have different sex drives regardless of sexual orientation. There is no one size that fits all. For certain periods of your relationship, you could have more sex and certain periods, you could have a lot less sex. There’s no specific number of healthy amounts of time, whatever is right for you and your partner.

How do they keep it interesting?

How do gay couples keep their sex interesting? You have to know what works for your partner and what works for you. You can deviate from your normal sex routine, mix things up or explore using sex toys.